Land Cruiser Model 150 Series Prado 2009-Present


Toyota Land Cruiser 150 Prado is the current model Prado. This Fourth Generation Land Cruiser Prado is the best Prado so far and in stock at Jim Autos from their Australia, UK and Japan offices in Right Hand Drive and from their DUbai UAE office in Left Hand Drive. Prado is available in 3 and 5 door variants. In the

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Land Cruiser Model 120 Series Prado 2002-2009

Land Cruiser Model 120

Land Cruiser 120 Prado was released in 2002. This was a full Major Change model. The quality of the interior and exterior has also been thoroughly refined for a pleasant on-road driving experience that looks set to create a new legacy in the Land Cruiser Prado tradition. A luxury version was also available as Lexus GX. The front suspension was

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Land Cruiser Model 100 Series 1998

Land Cruiser Model 100

Toyota Land Cruiser 100 was introduced in 1998 to replace the wildly popular Land Cruiser 80. By this time the name Land Cruiser had earned a strong reputation worldwide for its high performance on bad roads, maneuverability, durability; and as one of the most reliable 4x4s available it had been selected by the United Nations procurement, as well as domestically

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Land Cruiser Model 90 Series Prado 1996-2002

Land Cruiser Model 90

A smaller Toyota Land Cruiser – Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 90 Series – was introduced in 1996 to counter the growing popularity of Mitsubishi Pajero. Toyota was aiming for supremacy in all classes, so it developed the 90-series Prado as its final weapon against the Mitsubishi Pajero. In addition to the standard size body there was also a wide-size body

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Land Cruiser Model 80 Series 1989-1997

Land Cruiser Model 80

With introduction of luxury Toyota Land Cruiser 80 in 1989, the first luxury Toyota Land Cruiser was introduced. Traditional offroad features were still intact. The aim of the 80-series was to be both at the forefront of technology and luxury. Along with passenger car like styling in the front design, wide tires and large fenders gave it a bold effect,

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Land Cruiser Model 40 Series


Model 40 Series dominated the market from 1960 to 1984. Model 40 still looked like a Jeep and did not look much different from the 20 Series on the outside but Toyota was improving the engine output and performance and interior improvements and refinements year after year building on the legend that Land Cruiser was to become in a few

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Land Cruiser Model 20 30 Series

Land Cruiser Model 20

During the 50s Toyota Land Cruiser had established itself as a good competitor to Land Rover and Willy Jeep in Japanese market. In 1955, Toyota introduced Model 20 Toyota Land Cruiser for commercial purposes to complement the BJ Series which was more suited to military purposes. Model 20 has softer lines. The development theme for the 20-series was a new style with

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