BJ Series Land Cruiser

Toyota BJ Series was the first Land Cruiser. It was built to emulate an American Jeep so looks more like a Jeep than a 4WD SUV that Toyota Land Cruiser currently in. It was adopted by Japanese Police and large scale production started in 1953. The “Land Cruiser” name was adapted in 1954 in response to Willys company’s claims of trademark violation.

Model AK10, Specification

Overall, Length 3,390mm
Overall, Width 1,570mm
Overall, Height 1,800 (1,370)mm
Wheel Base 2,300mm
Tread, Front/Rear 1,300mm/1,300mm
Minimum Turning Radius 6.0m
Vehicle Weight 1,100kg
Payload 500kg
Seating Capacity 2 Passengers
Gross Vehicle Weight 1,800kg
Engine Type Gasoline engine, 4-cycle, OHV
Number of Cylinders 4
Bore and Stroke 84.14mm x 101.6mm
Displacement 2,258cc
Compression Ratio 6.0
Maximum B.H.P. 43HP at 2,800 rpm
Maximum Torque 17.0kg-m at 1,400 rpm
Maximum Speed 80km/h
Gasoline Tank Capacity 50L

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